I have an old bottle of Wakefield wine, are you able to provide me with a valuation?
While we can obviously offer some advice as to how your bottle would be drinking now, unfortunately we are unable to provide valuation services. However, a worthwhile first step would be to visit to the Langtons website. Langtons are an Australian fine wine auction house.

Where can I register for your winery newsletter?
To register for our newsletter with recipes, vineyard updates, new releases and special offers please subscribe here. You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Where can I find information on Wakefield Wines Corporate Social Responsibility?
We encourage all people to consume wine responsibly and actively discourages underage drinking. Our marketing activities adhere at all times to the industry code of conduct. In the area of broader social awareness Wakefield Wines contributes in many way through our sponsorships and charitable donations. Wakefield has had an ongoing relationship with Redkite, a children's charity, is a corporate sponsor of the NSW Art Gallery and the St Andrews Hospital in South Australia. You can download a copy of our Corporate Social Responsibility Report here.

Where can I find information on Wakefield Environmental Practices?
A brief outline of our environmental practices are available on this page, for more information please contact us.

Do red wines age well under screwcaps?
Traditionally it was believed that wine needs oxygen, which permeates the cork, to age. However, in a recent publication by Tyson Stelzer, Screwed for Good: The Case for Screw Caps on Red Wines, this argument has broken down. On whether “corks provide a good seal and screwcaps are inferior?" Tyson states "On this issue, quite the contrary.”

We have known for some time that red wine does not actually need oxygen to age. In fact, it is done in the bottle anaerobically, meaning no air is required. This means that a red wine can age gracefully and free from any cork taint when bottled under screwcap. To find out more about the benefits of screwcaps click here.