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Taylors Wines are known as Wakefield Wines in the northern hemisphere due to trademark restrictions.

Taylors Wines and the Wallabies – It’s All About the Long Game

Fri, 30 October 2015


You can only imagine how delighted we are to be the official wine partner for our barnstorming Australian rugby union team, the Wallabies. Our three-generation family winery has a strong love of and connection with rugby union, with a number of family members having taken to the footy field from an early age. Across team functions and games, we now have the exciting opportunity to proudly showcase and share our premium Clare Valley wines with both the sporting and wider worlds. As sponsor and supplier for the next three years, we’ll gladly rise to the challenge of being a key member of the Wallabies prestigious sponsorship team.

There are a number of reasons why we think that we are the perfect corporate teammate for the Wallabies. For a start – both partners know what it means to work hard, with quiet determination and an eye to both the short and longer term. Secondly, just as Australia’s premier rugby team represents the peak of excellence in its special niche, at Taylors Wines it’s our enduring attention to quality that has helped carve out an award-winning place in the field of Australian premium wine.

A day-to-day passion

Now we’re not shy about the fact that we have won multiple awards each year for our range of exceptional Australian wines. Of course it’s terrific to have our hard work recognised! But it’s not just about winning prizes. The passion that gets us out of bed each morning is more to do with wanting to constantly refine, develop and perfect the Taylors Wines range. From the precise monitoring and nurturing of our vineyards to the quiet hard work of our viniculturists, each of us here at Taylors Wines draws incredible satisfaction from our part in the process of creating the best wines possible. And for the elite rugby union players making up the hard-working Wallabies team, you can similarly sense that determination and focus on achieving the greatest results. Players know that for each no-fanfare practice session, for each routine stretching exercise on the dewy morning grass, for each pre-game early night’s sleep, there is just that little ‘something extra’ that gets added to their ongoing form.

Innovating for excellence

There’s no room for show-ponies in a team situation. Sure, it’s absolutely breathtaking for Australian rugby union fans to watch Ashley-Cooper glide effortlessly across a World Cup try line… Yet everyone in the team realises that the glory contained in that pinnacle moment is backed by intricate support roles and strategising sessions that include the entire team. For each play on the rugby field – successful or otherwise – forensic questions always await in the wash-up. Such as…What was it about that defensive opening that created such a magical opportunity for the winger? What exactly happened in that third ruck? How can we reduce needless fumbles mid-field? And so on. Because the desire in each Wallaby is to strive for that slight innovation, that extra winning edge that will benefit the team as a whole.

Here at Taylors Wines we’re also relentless in our pursuit of excellence in the field of premium wine creation. Never comfortable resting on our laurels, we’re lucky enough to be able to combine decades of family winemaking with deep investment in innovative winemaking techniques. We care so much about continuous improvement and the search for new ideas that we’ve actually dedicated a portion of our fruit bundles, time and winemaker talents to creating special small-batch wines under our TWP label – The Winemakers Project. We know that in order to get the very best from our elite winemakers we need to give them a little room to spread their wings, creating beautiful wines and new techniques in the process.

Something bigger than ourselves

It’s fair to say that there’s tremendous joy in being able to partner with an Australian sports team as talented and iconic as the Wallabies. Over the next three years we’re planning an exciting range of sponsorship initiatives, working to make each Wallabies game and function as memorable as possible.

If you see us at matches, be sure to stop by and have a chat about our commitment to creating outstanding Australian wine. We know from experience that there’s a passion and joy in being part of a cause or event that’s bigger than yourself. We’re delighted to help support Australia’s national rugby union squad, by bringing that touch of something special to future matches and events.

As dedicated regional producers from down in the Clare Valley, we know that we’re privileged to be able to run that special Australian grape-growing soil through our fingers regularly. Now, we have the opportunity to bring the spirit of the country to the city, as Australia watches the giants of rugby union strive for excellence on the World Cup pitch.

And for each BBQ, drinks event and any post-game function hosted by rugby union fans, we have some absolutely brilliant ideas for pairing our premium Taylors wines perfectly over the Wallabies’ season. Watch this space!

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